So Lebanese

A taste of Lebanon in every print. From spices to smiles: So Lebanese! So beautiful! 🇱🇧 ✨

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Alizée Castel is a French illustrator based in Seattle. Her art is a love letter to travel, culture, and food. She creates colorful and vibrant illustrations with bold lines and unique characters, bringing different corners of the world to life.... Learn more

18 art prints

De Paris à Beyrouth

A nostalgic peek on two cities separated by the Mediterranean sea highlighting their differences (and similarities)

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From Lebanon to America

A mini print collection celebrating the Lebanese diaspora in the United States (a sequel to De Paris a Beyrouth)

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Summer in Beirut

Indulge in nostalgia and celebrate the spirit of Beirut’s summer 🇱🇧

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The Falastin Collection

A collection celebrating the people, history, and culture of Palestine 🇵🇸

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The Globetrotter

A collection celebrating a world-traveling chameleon: blending in with the locals, one city at a time.

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Portraits of the world

A collection inspired by memories and people Alizee Castel met while traveling the world

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