A Friendly Match Illustrated in Over 100 Pages

Dive into a friendly duel between two iconic cities: Montreal and Paris. Two distinct worlds, connected by a common language, but separated by thousands of kilometers of ocean. Through playful illustrations, discover their differences, their charms, and their little secrets.

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Montreal versus Paris

🥯 Bagels vs Croissants: who wins the breakfast match? ☕️ Café deux-deux vs Café gourmand: which one brings a smile to your face? 🏒 Hockey vs Football: which one gets you excited? 🍯 Maple syrup vs Mountain honey: which one melts your heart? 🪟 Snow view vs Rooftop view: which city inspires you the most?

  • Montreal vs Paris by Alizee Castel opened on "The iconic landmark" page spread showing a comparison of Montreal's "Farine Five Roses" sign vs Paris' Eiffel Tower

    The iconic landmark

    The iconic silhouettes of the luminous sign Farine Five Roses and the Eiffel Tower shine in this illustration comparing Montreal and Paris.

  • Montreal vs Paris by Alizee Castel opened on "Le char" page spread showing an illustration of "a car vs a tank"

    Le char

    "Char" in Quebec refers to a car for everyday adventures, while in France, it evokes a war vehicle (a tank), illustrating the importance of context in word choice.

  • Montreal vs Paris by Alizee Castel opened on "le sandwich du midi" page spread showing a plate of "Smoked meat vs Croque-Monsieur"

    The lunch sandwich

    Between the colossal Montreal smoked meat and the classic Parisian croque-monsieur, it's a lunchtime titan duel.

An invitation to work your imagination

Each illustration in this friendly duel is accompanied by a spirited descriptive text that invites you to conceive and interpret your own vision of the cities before flipping the page to reveal the visual interpretation by Alizée Castel. It's a unique opportunity to engage your imagination, to mentally paint your picture before comparing it with the artist's perspective. Let yourself be surprised by your own ideas and then discover how they blend or distinguish themselves from Alizée's.

Whether you're 🇫🇷 French living in 🇨🇦 Montreal, Quebecois in Paris, or simply curious, this book is an ideal gift to explore these two inspiring cities. Embark on this illustrated journey where each page reveals a new facet of Montreal and Paris.

Only available on Amazon (bilingual edition fr / en)

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